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Behind the curtain: The illicit trade of firearms, explosives and ammunition on the dark web

Starts: 13:00 24 January 2018
Ends: 14:30 24 January 2018
What is it: Seminar
Organiser: School of Law
Who is it for: University staff, Adults, Alumni, Current University students, General public
Speaker: Giacomo Persi Paoli

CCCJ Seminar Programme 2017/18

(in collaboration with Methods@Manchester)

The potential role of the dark web in facilitating trade in firearms, ammunition and explosives has gained increased public attention following recent terrorist attacks in Europe. However, the

hidden and obscure parts of the web are used also by criminals and other types of individuals to procure or sell a wide range of weapons and associated products through cryptomarkets and

vendor shops.

While the use of these platforms as facilitators for illicit drug trade has been increasingly researched by a number of academics, little has been done to investigate the role of the dark web in

relation to the illegal arms trade.

To address this gap, and with a view to supporting policy and decision makers, RAND Europe and the University of Manchester designed this research project to explore the worldwide illegal

arms trade, with a focus on the role played by the dark web in fuelling and/or facilitating such trade. The research was funded by the UK Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research

(PaCCS) under the Transnational Organised Crime theme, which is led by the Economic and Social Research Council on behalf of the Partnership.

Giacomo Persi Paoli is a research leader at RAND Europe, in the Defence, Security and Infrastructure Group where he leads the National Security and

Resilience research portfolio


Giacomo Persi Paoli

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