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Controlling Business Cartels

Starts: 16:00 04 December 2017
Ends: 17:30 04 December 2017
What is it: Seminar
Organiser: School of Law
Who is it for: University staff, Adults, Alumni, Current University students, General public
Speaker: Jelle Jaspers

CCCJ Seminar Programme 2017/18

(in collaboration with Methods@Manchester)

Business cartels cause severe financial damage and harm consumer trust; cartel

enforcement authorities use heavy penalties and whistle-blower leniency policies in their

efforts to control and detect cartel behaviour. However, corporations react to increased

external control by strengthening the internal control of cartels. Sanctions do not always

deter sufficiently, and cartelists may use the leniency arrangement strategically. This project

empirically investigates internal control mechanisms and social networks within cartels.

Through case studies of detected cartels and interviews with insiders, this research aims to

answer the question of what makes cartels endure and what forms of internal control play a

role in this process.


Jelle Jaspers

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