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"Digital Punishment” Through Online Criminal Record in the U.S

Starts: 15:30 31 January 2018
Ends: 17:00 31 January 2018
What is it: Seminar
Organiser: School of Law
Who is it for: University staff, Adults, Alumni, Current University students, General public
Speaker: Sarah Lageson

CCCJ Seminar Programme 2017/18

(in collaboration with Methods@Manchester)

The unregulated and widespread digital release of arrest and booking information, court records,

and criminal history reports is creating new forms of punishment and social control in the United States.

The government production and sale of criminal records to big data vendors has effectively

created a new class of criminal record consumers who obtain and spread this information

through social media, online news, and commercial background check reports. This study

analyzes the forces that have led to this state of affairs and the consequences for understanding

stigma and the criminal label in the digital age.


Sarah Lageson

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