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Royal Economic Society 2017 Annual Public Lecture

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free (tickets are available from Free
Starts: 15:30 29 November 2017
Ends: 18:00 29 November 2017
What is it: Lecture
Organiser: School of Social Sciences
How much: free (tickets are available from
Who is it for: University staff, Adults, Alumni, Current University students, General public, Post 16
Speaker: Stephen Machin

The Royal Economic Society will be hosting one of the countries’ most inspiring economists, Professor Stephen Machin, to give the next RES Annual Public Lecture this autumn at The University of Manchester on the economics of crime.

In this lecture, Stephen Machin, Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Economic Performance at London School of Economics, will discuss the importance of economic incentives as a determinant of crime, what economists can contribute to our understanding of why people commit crime and what can be done to discourage, detect and apprehend criminals.

The RES Annual Public Lecture’s purpose is to demonstrate to a wide audience that the subject of economics is as exciting as ever. In fact, Professor Machin will be delivering new insights with his talk on crime and economic incentives, with a particular emphasis on drawing on the latest empirical evidence using large-scale micro data and research designs that make it possible to identify causality. Professor Machin will be exploring the links between education, job opportunities and crime; the economic returns to crime; online crime; and the impact of policing on crime.

Price: free (tickets are available from


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