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April 2015

Does your computer equipment need updating?

(31 March 2015)

Each year every member of staff is asked to update the information on their current equipment on the IT census page.

This should only take five to ten minutes and ensures that you have the most up-to-date computing device(s) necessary for you to do your job. 

Further information on the census and instructions on what you need to do can be found on above the link.

You will then be provided with a recommendation as to whether your equipment needs to be upgraded or not. You will be able to challenge the recommendation if you feel it does not match your requirements.  

Please visit the website and update your details by Monday, 20 April. 

Unfortunately, if you do not respond by the deadline it will be not be possible for IT Services to adjust their budget plans accordingly and this will impact the ability to provide upgrades in both the current and the following financial year.

Please note: The application runs slower in Internet Explorer so you may get a better experience by using Firefox or Google Chrome