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April 2015

Revised Humanities Strategic Plan

(17 April 2015)

The Faculty's Strategic Plan 2020 is updated each year to ensure it remains relevant to our aims and goals, and those of our Schools and the University.

During the past few months, the Faculty’s Senior Leadership Team has been revising the 2020 Plan and the final version is due to be submitted to the Planning Support Office in early June.

As part of this process, every member of Humanities staff will receive an email next month from Keith Brown, Vice-President and Dean for Humanities, inviting you to comment on the Plan during a two-week consultation period. The email will include a link to a pdf of the revised Plan, an email address to submit your comments to and the deadline for submitting your views.

The Plan will remain in the same accessible and colourful design format as the 2014-15 Plan (as it is a revision of content rather than a new Strategic Plan) but the content in a number of sections has been updated.

This is your opportunity to comment on the Plan and to let the senior team know whether you agree with the priorities, and whether there are any additional actions or Key Performance Indicators that should be added to support the strategies.