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April 2016

Roll-out of new P&DR process for PSS staff

(7 April 2016)

A new P&DR (Performance and Development Review) process for PSS staff across the Faculty and University will be rolled out May to July 2016. The School of Law will pilot the new scheme for academic staff during the same timeframe, with a similar process set to be rolled out for academic staff elsewhere towards the end of the calendar year.

The process has been overhauled based on feedback in recent staff surveys highlighting concerns about the quality and consistency of the use of P&DRs across the University. Following this, a working group led by Professor Martin Humphries (Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences) and Karen Heaton (Director of HR) was established to look into improving the process, with the Faculty of Humanities represented by Professor Tim Allott, Head of the School of Environment, Education and Development.

Further information will be sent to all PSS staff and academic colleagues within the School of Law in the next few weeks, indicating what you should do next.