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August 2016

Update on Review of Student Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions

(1 August 2016)

Further to the update from Russell Ashworth in the 20 June edition of Humanities eNews, the following summarises progress to date on the Review of Student Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions (SMRA). 

Task groups 

The work of both Task Groups (one to consider UG and PGT delivery models for SMRA, and one PGR) concluded last week, when Task Group members submitted reports on potential delivery models. 

Colleagues in both Task Groups have liaised with recruitment, admissions and marketing staff across both faculties and central teams (as appropriate) to scope potential future models for delivery of these processes across UG, PGT and PGR. They also considered which activities in these areas should be delivered in school-facing ‘hubs’, which as a ‘shared service’ across the Faculty, and which as a mixed model of both.

Work has now started to create a summary report setting out possible delivery models, and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Members of the Faculty Implementation Group, Heads of School Administration and relevant Heads of Faculty Function will also be invited to comment on the summary report (with the Task Group reports made available for reference).

Next steps 

On Wednesday 7 September, the University-level SMRA Project Group (which is overseeing this work) will consider the potential models identified in the summary reports, and make recommendations for structures to deliver student marketing, recruitment and admissions activity in the Faculty of Humanities and EPS. 

The future direction of travel of the Student Lifecycle Project will be known by this point, and it is likely that one of two things will happen: 

1)      That the two projects (Student Lifecycle and SMRA) will align, meaning that the implementations of any new SMRA delivery model will be delivered as part of the Student Lifecycle Project.

2)      The two projects do not align, meaning the SMRA project will go ahead as previously planned – with a full staff consultation before a report is made to the University SMRA Review Implementation Group chaired by Clive Agnew. The report would probably be considered by this group in October, meaning that the consultation would most likely be in the period in which Welcome Week falls. Recognising that this is a particularly busy time for staff involved in student recruitment, marketing and admissions activity, as much notice as possible would be provided. 

Membership of all groups involved in this project can be found on HumNet. 

Further updates will be provided as soon as possible. Anyone with further questions in the meantime should contact Felicity Wicks.