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December 2015

Campaign for new female statue in Manchester

(25 November 2015)

Six women have been nominated to be made into Manchester’s first female statue in over 100 years. The final line up as been revealed with several having links to the Faculty of Humanities and the University. You can vote for your favourite now.

The six women are:

  • Ellen Wilkinson was a graduate of the University studying History on the Jones Open History Scholarship. She then went on to become nationally famous for leading the legendary Jarrow March of 1936 whilst MP for the town. She also served as Labour education minister under Clement Atlee.
  • Elizabeth Gaskell the well-known Victorian novelist has her archive stored in the John Rylands Library. Her house at Plymouth Grove was owned by The University of Manchester until it became part of the Manchester Historic Buildings Trust.
  • Louise da-Cocodia was an anti-racism campaigner and nurse who became Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Manchester. In 1989 she was awarded a honorary MA by the University for Services to nursing and the community.
  • Margaret Ashton was elected Manchester’s first female councillor in 1908 as well as being a committed suffragist. She helped found the Manchester Baby Hospital alongside the University’s first female graduate in medicine, Catherine Chisholme. During her retirement she also campaigned on the behalf of the University.
  • Emmeline Pankhurst is probably the UKs most well know suffragette. Her family have a deep connection with the University with her daughter Christabel studying Law at Manchester and their family home sitting on the edge of campus.
  • Elizabeth Raffald was a successful business woman and cookery writer and is thought to have devised the modern Eccles cake.