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December 2015

Alliance Manchester Business School development

(16 December 2015)

Hotel and Executive Education building

Building started on 10November 2014 with an original completion date of November 2016.  As reported previously, work was suspended on 4 March 2015, when the sub-contractor went into administration, and restarted on 23 November.  This has led to a 10 month delay for the project with completion now estimated to be in September 2017.

Redevelopment Project

This project went into pre-construction phase in June 2015 with the major part of this being the demolition of the bridge across Oxford Road in August 2015. Work will begin on the redevelopment project in February 2016, with staff and teaching facilities moving from Harold Hankins (HH) around Easter 2016 and the vacation of MBS West by August 2016. The project is scheduled to be completed in August 2018.

Decant plans

Over the last few months, the School has been working with the University to find decant space for the current occupants of Alliance MBS West, and for some occupants of the Harold Hankins (HH) building who are most affected by the building project. This has been a difficult process with so many building projects underway at the University and competing demands on space. The following spaces have been secured:

  • Remaining areas of Dover Street
  • Sackville Street F floor & part of G floor
  • Crawford House – additional space on 4th floor
  • Roscoe – small area on 5th floor
  • Simon Building – 3rd floor
  • Space opposite precinct library

We will also ensure that all existing space is better utilised during the decant phase of the project.

The remaining occupants of Harold Hankins will be located on the higher floors and away from the stairwell between Alliance MBS West and HH, which will be demolished as part of the redevelopment project to allow the correction of the uneven floors between the two buildings.  The entrance to HH from Booth Street West will be refurbished in the next few months.