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December 2016

Please share with your students: JustFest Short Film Competition

(8 December 2016)

The JustFest Short Film Competition is an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to develop a short video (30 to 90 seconds) on an issue of social justice that matters to them, and raise awareness of social justice to other students. 

It’s also a good way for them to evidence a whole range of skills to potential employers, for example creativity, project management and teamwork. 

This is not a professional film competition - the films will be judged on how ideas are conveyed in a creative way and how the students engage the audience. It can be filmed on a phone, tablet or digital camera and there are cash prizes for the winning entries. 

Submissions will be open from the 1 December 2016 to 12 March 2017. The shortlist will be announced at a screening event with the prize winners being announced on 11 May at the Volunteer of the Year & Social Responsibility Awards 2017. 

Last year’s winner was  WHEN I SAY I by Ollie Thomson and the voting attracted over 9,500 views on YouTube from students, staff and the public. 

There are six prizes ranging from £100 to £400, with the first 10 entries also winning cinema vouchers.

  • You can find out more by watching the video or visiting the website.