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February 2015

NSS and PTES: open 2 February

(23 January 2015)

Can you help to support the University’s push to increase the number of students responding to the National Student Survey (NSS), Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) and Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)?

From Monday 2 February, both the NSS and PTES will be open to students, followed by the launch of PRES in March. Last year, the University’s NSS response rate was 72%, compared to 27% for PTES 2014 and 55% for PRES 2013.

Anyone working with students on a regular basis can help to promote the survey through the toolkits provided by the University. There are also campaign posters available from the Student Communications Team.

The feedback provided through the surveys is very important for improving the student experience, and as a result improving the University’s rankings and reputation to potential students.

As you are aware, all responses given to the surveys are anonymous and cannot be traced back to individual students. However, students are sometimes, understandably, concerned about this so we would encourage you to emphasise this point in your communications about the survey. We hope that by reinforcing this point, more students will be willing to engage in the surveys and we can increase response rates. 

If you have any queries regarding either the PTES or NSS please contact the Directorate for the Student Experience office.

Equivalent information about PRES will be available in due course.