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February 2015

Research beacons: Addressing Global Inequalities

(29 January 2015)

A new section of the University website has been created to promote our five research beacons.

The University’s five chosen research beacons – which include Addressing Global Inequalities – are currently being promoted on a new section of the main website.

The research beacons are specially selected areas, from across all four Faculties, that exemplify interdisciplinary research, global impact and the distinctiveness the University offers. They are:

  1. Industrial Biotechnology
  2. Advanced materials
  3. Cancer
  4. Energy
  5. Addressing global inequalities

The Division of Communications and Marketing are currently producing YouTube playlist videos for each beacon, as a well as a trailer video introducing the beacons concept. Visit the website for more information about the beacons.

In the week commencing Monday 2 February, a different banner on the homepage of the University website will promote the individual beacons (in the order laid out above), backed up by a social media campaign. There will also be the first of five monthly features in UniLife (this month featuring Industrial Biotechnology), and the first of five weekly StaffNet items, each covering a different beacon.

Looking further ahead, a brochure which will look at the beacons in more depth will be produced.