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February 2015

WakeIT up and save energy

(13 February 2015)

Do you leave your University computer on overnight so you can work from home?

The University has launched the new WakeIT service so that you can now put your computer into sleep mode and wake it up when you need to, saving on energy costs and contributing to the Environmental Sustainability Strategy in the University’s 2020 vision.

If you use a managed desktop computer, WakeIT is extremely easy to use and registering your computer takes less than a minute.

To register your computer, log in to the WakeIT website, click “Register this computer”, type a recognisable name for your computer and click “Register PC”.

At the end of your working day, put your computer into sleep mode by clicking the Start button, moving your mouse to the triangle next to the Shut Down button and clicking ‘sleep’. However, you must not turn it off or unplug it at the mains socket.

To wake up your computer remotely, log in to the WakeIT website from any computer, click the power button icon next to the computer you want to wake up, wait a few seconds until the power button turns green, then you can connect to your computer through Remote Desktop in the usual way.

Once you have registered your computer, test the system to check it works as you expect it to.

If you need any more help, please visit the WakeIT help page, or contact the IT Service Desk.