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February 2015

The University of Manchester Research Institute – Pump Priming Award

(13 February 2015)

The University of Manchester Research Institute (UMRI) has been created to take forward the Manchester Strategic Vision 2020 goal of establishing the University as a major centre for interdisciplinary research. UMRI has two principal aims:

  1. To foster interdisciplinary research by ensuring that the necessary structures, resources (including funding) and incentives are in place; and
  2. To provide a governance framework for research institutes and other interdisciplinary structures in the University to assist in maximising their performance.

The call for pump-priming proposals is aimed at providing support for activities that lead to an increase in successful interdisciplinary research. Congratulations to the Humanities staff who are involved in the following successful awards from the latest round of funding:  



School/ Research Institute

HUMS Applicant(s)

Project title


Laura Edwards

Jason Dortch

The Cryosphere Research at Manchester (CRAM) group development and interdisciplinary research bid initiative




Martin Hess

Khalid Nadvi

Rudolf Sinkovics

Global Production and Local Outcomes: Challenges for Governance. Interdisciplinary Research Network and Policy Workshop


Peter Kawalek

Building Links Between The University of Manchester and the BBC


David Holman

Employee gentleness in palliative care



Rebecca Bennett

Petra Nordqvist

Reproductive Medicine and the Family in Ethics, History, Law and Society: Building Interdisciplinary Synergy



Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research

James Nazroo

Kris Mekli     

Katey Matthews

Discovering pathophysiological mechanisms behind frailty with genome-wide association and network analyses in two cohorts

John Rylands Research Institute

Rachel Beckett

Peter Pormann

"Undercover Agents" - Sciences and Humanities join forces to uncover hidden text in manuscripts and early printed books