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February 2016

Inaugural Dorothy Emmet Lecture

(28 January 2016)

The lecture series will commemorate Dorothy Emmet, Head of the Philosophy Department at the University for more than 20 years and an eminent mid-20th Century philosopher and professor at a time when women in this field and role were very rare.

This public event will be introduced by Hugh Mellor, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge, and a long-time friend of Dorothy’s, and will reflect on her life and achievements. Professor Catherine Elgin from Harvard University will deliver the lecture "Nature's Handmaiden, Art".

Many consider art non-cognitive, contending that art bypasses reason and acts directly and exclusively on emotion. Professor Elgin will argue that the arts like the sciences embody, convey and advance understanding. 

This event is an example of how the arts and science work together and is part of the celebrations for European City of Science 2016 (ECOS). 

Everyone is welcome to attend the lecture, taking place on Thursday, 4 February at 6pm.

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