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February 2016

Feature series: SR in the curriculum

(15 February 2016)

In support of the priority to encourage socially responsible graduates, the Faculty provides funding to course leaders through the annual Social Responsibility in the Curriculum competition. The aim is for Humanities students to be encouraged to think how their enthusiasm for their subject can communicate, connect or be relevant beyond the immediate demands of their course.

Each issue we will be featuring a project which has benefited from the competition. This issue, we introduce you to Kate Sapin and Dr Drew Whitworth’s project, which helps students support community organisations.

Kate Sapin and Dr Drew Whitworth, from the School of Environment, Education and Development, are running a project to help students support community organisations. The postgraduate students, from various programmes, will be given a small grant as part of the Intercultural Engagement at Work and In Communities unit. In the unit, students engage with communities and / or an organisation working with communities to learn about intercultural engagement.

The grant will be used to support projects undertaken by community organisations, allowing students to learn about intercultural engagement in practice.

The project will enable students to gain first-hand experience of engaging with diverse cultural communities while learning about best practice and potential barriers to intercultural engagement.

They will learn about global challenges and develop an awareness of how community organisations work with diversity and promote equality and inclusion. This experience of ethical awareness and the practice of intercultural engagement can be used in their future careers and community lives.

Once the projects are completed, students will analyse and present their findings. They will also have a chance to learn from each other’s projects through this knowledge exchange. The information gathered will also help to provide examples of best practice in intercultural engagement, which can be made available for future students.