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July 2015

Changes to HR Services

(9 July 2015)

A new customer relationship management (CRM) system for dealing with HR Services enquiries has been launched, ensuring a more effective and efficient approach when handling email correspondence.

HR services receives around 7000 emails per month. These were previously manually triaged to the relevant team. Now the new system will automatically route enquires directly to the relevant team by recognising keywords or phrases contained in the subject line of the email. For example: an email that contains the word “vacancy” or “advert” will be routed directly to the Recruitment and Resourcing Team.

Every new enquiry received will create a case in the CRM system and the requester will be provided with a case number. Any subsequent correspondence will then be automatically linked to this case number. The requester will also be notified when a case has been allocated to a member of the team and when the case has been resolved. 

Although you can still email HR Services on the same email address, it is essential that you clearly indicate the subject of your email in the email subject line so that it is directed to the correct person.