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July 2015

We Get It - zero tolerance to bullying, harassment and discrimination

(9 July 2015)

Whether you are a member of staff or a student, you are all responsible for ending bullying, harassment and discrimination in our community. As part of the We Get It campaign, you are encouraged to Think, Talk, Report and Get Support.


One person's "harmless banter" could be deeply offensive and have a negative impact on the work and lives of others. No one should have to feel uncomfortable for the sake of a joke. Consider and respect other people's views and feelings so that we can all work, study, and live in an inclusive and supportive environment.


Talk about where you draw the line, and what you mean by bullying, harassment and discrimination.

If you think you or someone you know is being treated badly, talk to someone about it and, if you feel safe to do so, challenge it. Sometimes just explaining to someone how it makes you feel and asking them to stop is enough.

Report and Support 

Use the new online Report and Support tool to report bullying, harassment, or discrimination. If you like, your report can be passed to a trained advisor, who can get you the right advice and support. You can also report something anonymously.

For information on bullying, harassment and discrimination: