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June 2015

Stories from the Road

(11 June 2015)

cities@manchester, a University institute which brings together academics to study the global urban condition, is collaborating with Manchester writer, Sarah Butler, in a unique project which uses creative writing to map Manchester’s ‘Corridor’ through the stories of people who live, work and travel along Oxford Road. These stories will build a layered picture of this rapidly changing part of the city and what it means to the people who experience it.

Home to cities@manchester, Oxford Road is at the epicentre of Manchester's vibrant knowledge economy with its dense concentration of higher education institutions, medical and science research facilities, and world-class cultural attractions. Stories from the Road narrates this part of the city from multiple perspectives - through the hopes, memories, fears and aspirations of the different people who use it every day.

Andrews Karvonen, Co-Director of cities@manchester, part of the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED), said: “The project provides unique insights on an important area of Manchester. It reveals the multiple ways that people experience and interact with the city. It shows how urban planning, architecture, and infrastructure networks combine to create a distinctive ‘sense of place’.”

Read the stories and find out more on the Smarter Manchester blog.