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June 2015

Join the hive

(25 June 2015)

In the first three days of the online platform, the hive, being launched to Humanities PSS, over 95 people voted for ideas and 30 people commented on the two discussion topics.

And now the hive is offering one person from Humanities PSS staff the opportunity to win £25 worth of Amazon vouchers as a thank you for your contributions. The voucher will be given at the end of the pilot to the person who contributed the most ideas, votes and comments*.

The hive enables staff to suggest ideas and comment on discussion topics, as well as vote for other people’s ideas.

The scheme is currently being piloted in various departments across the University, until the end of July 2015.

The current two questions being asked on the hive are:

  • What can we do to reduce the time spent each day in meetings? - as part of the improving efficiency and effectiveness topic
  • Which processes do you think need improving and how could this be done? – as part of the improving university processes topic.

The most popular ideas in each of the categories so far are:

  • mandatory training for all meeting chairs
  • stand up meetings, and
  • a regular vote on what processes most need improving

To get involved in the discussion visit ‘the hive using your University username and password.

The PSS Working Group on Waste and In-efficiency, who initiated the Humanities area of the hive, will incorporate any relevant feedback from the forum into their discussions.


*Terms and conditions: The top contributor will be identified by community administrators as the member who has contributed the most ideas, votes and comments, with a higher rating awarded to ideas throughout the duration of the pilot from 8 May 2015 until 31 July 2015. Where there is more than one individual with the highest number of contributions, a points rating will be awarded to ideas, votes and comments. The community administrators' decision is final. No cash alternative.