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June 2015

Shared areas down this weekend

(30 June 2015)

Due to the Kilburn Building Data Centre move, there are expected to be outages to the following services:

Friday 3 to Sunday 5 July - Outages on some services, including some shared network areas.

Some services will be shut down at 5pm and are expected to remain unavailable until the evening of Sunday 5 July.

You may know your shared network area as your "G: Drive", "S: Drive" or similar.

There will also be future outages later on in July on P:drives (17-19 July) and other shared network areas, with the date for these to be confirmed.

During this weekend, there will be outages on the following services

  • Some shared areas:
    • (mainly FLS and MHS staff)
    • (mainly Humanities staff)
    • (mainly Humanities staff)
    • (mainly FLS and MHS staff)
  • EPS Condor service
  • EPS Pi server
  • Livelink

To confirm if you will be affected by the shared area outages, follow these instructions on a Windows 7 Managed Desktop PC:

  1. Click the 'Start' menu and select 'Computer'
  2. Look in the "Network Location" section of the window and find the shared drive(s) you normally use
  3. The server name will be listed next to the icon of your shared drive - See the screenshot on this page.

Current dates for future expected outages are:

  • Friday 17 July - The P: drives personal area service will be switched off at 5pm and is expected to be unavailable until the evening of Sunday 19 July.
  • Campus Solutions, HR ResourceLink and the Finance System will experience short outages of approximately 30 minutes whilst services are transferred to the new datacentre during the weekend of 4/5 July.

There will also be outages for some specific services that affect fewer users; the owners of these services are being contacted directly.