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June 2016

National policies fuelling segregation in primary schools

(5 June 2016)

National polices are preventing primary schools from responding effectively to increased diversity in the classroom, according to a report written by a team of researchers in the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED).

The report was written by Professors Mel Ainscow CBE and Alan Dyson, co-directors of Manchester’s Centre for Equity in Education, and Dr Lise Hopwood, Course Leader, English Primary PGCE, along with Stephanie Thomson from the University of Oxford. It concludes that national policies are creating further levels of segregation within the English primary education system, with children from minority and economically poorer backgrounds most affected.

The research team argues that the education system is failing to build on and share best practice that already exists in some schools, and blames narrowly focused national testing and schools increasingly working in isolation.

This is one in a series of research reports commissioned following the Cambridge Primary Review, an independent enquiry into the condition and future of primary education in England.