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March 2015

Apprentices working across the Faculty

(27 February 2015)

The University has launched its 2015 apprenticeship campaign to encourage managers to consider hiring apprentices when suitable vacancies arise. And the Faculty of Humanities has already begun employing apprentices, helping towards the aim of at least 100 apprentices in post by the end of the year.

Daryl Bartholomew has been working in the Faculty Office, in Crawford House, providing support to multiple teams, including Communications and Marketing, Postgraduate Research Support Services and Research Support Services. The role enables Daryl to continue studying as the apprenticeship also includes studying for an NVQ qualification. He said: “My time in the office so far has been great, everyone is polite and friendly and really helpful. Everyone has been really good at including me in work which helps me tick off modules in my NVQ, and they are always happy to help me out if needed.”

In the School of Social Sciences, Liam Walsh, has been working in the undergraduate student services and as part of the admissions team.

Liam said: “I can sense being the youngest in the office but am really enjoying it and the rest of the team are really supportive. I’m not 100 per cent certain what I’ll do when the apprenticeship ends but I would like to stay on at the University.”

Admissions Manager Amanda Grimshaw said: “Liam’s arrival as an apprentice in our office had a far greater impact on us than we imagined it would. He brought a freshness and enthusiasm that invigorated us. His initiative and candour led us to question why certain things were done the way they were. That fresh perspective on issues and processes helped us improve what we do, and how we do it.

“People who think about the apprenticeship campaign in terms of the benefits to the apprentice are missing a big part of the story – employing an apprentice in our office benefited us all.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the University’s apprenticeship campaign can contact Steve Grant, Assistant Director of HR, by emailing: