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March 2016

Get your research on the radio

(4 March 2016)

BBC Radio 4 is looking to commission a new round of documentaries looking at social sciences, the arts, humanities and beyond. Staff from with the Faculty of Humanities are encouraged to pitch ideas, related to their research, to become a documentary of series for the station.

There are six formats looking for submissions:

  • Narrative History – 10 x 15 min: big single ideas to be explored over 10 parts (e.g. Debt: A Narrative History, Sport and the British, Noise: a human history)
  • Short Features – 5 x 15 min: subjects that lend themselves to be broken into 5 short episodes, very broad scope here in terms of subject matter (Radio 4 love original source material e.g. letters and diaries in this slot).
  • Single or 2/3 part series putting forward a clever thesis or a counter-intuitive argument (e.g. In Defence of Bureaucracy, In Defence of Pushy Parents).
  • History/Social Affairs Documentary – 30 mins: one offs, or series of 2 or 3 programmes – Radio 4 love counterintuitive takes, revisionist history, punchy social affairs programmes that make a strong argument. History ideas should have a relevance to life in Britain in 2016/17.
  • Archive on 4 – 57 min: Using audio archive material to put forward a new argument with wit and analysis. Saturday Feature – 30 min: a lighter documentary slot for humorous/curious features and pop culture.
  • 11.30 Documentary – 30 min: stories about contemporary Britain first and foremost.

If you think your research could make an interesting and engaging radio programme, please send a brief summary of your idea to Deborah Linton by Wednesday, 16 March.