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March 2016

Mandatory Data Protection training

(18 March 2016)

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently required two universities (not including Manchester) to sign undertakings following breaches of data protection, after it criticised the quality and level of data protection training offered within each institution.

The ICO recommended that the universities concerned should introduce mandatory Data Protection Act (DPA) training for all staff, provide refresher training, monitor uptake and agree appropriate follow-up procedures in the event of staff non-compliance.

While a significant proportion of University staff have completed data protection training, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) recently agreed that completion of the University’s on-line DPA course will now be mandatory for all staff who have an active IT account, in order to reduce the risk of data protection breaches within the institution.

The on-line course provides a basic understanding of the DPA to help staff protect the rights and privacy of individuals when handling personal data. The course should take 15-30 minutes to complete and includes a short test consisting of 13 multiple choice questions.

Anyone who’s not taken the test can apply on the Staff Learning and Development website