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May 2016

WWI Letters from Manchester student feature on Radio 4 programme

(4 May 2016)

As part of a broader series examining student life over the past 900 years, ‘Scenes from Student Life’ considered the experience of student life during wartime through the letters of Herbert Eckersley, a history undergraduate at Manchester.

Herbert wrote to his tutor, Professor Tout, from the trenches, until he was killed in action near Ypres in November 1917. The last letter he wrote was just 15 days before he died, expressing the hope that he will soon be back in Manchester and working on his thesis. 

Professor Tout was especially close to his students, and received letters from the front lines, from both male and female students serving in the forces and support services in World War I. Remarkably, the letters escaped the censor's pen, so reveal details of the War removed from much other correspondence.



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