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May 2016

ESRC Impact Accelerator Awards to establish Devo Manc Hub

(4 May 2016)

The University has awarded Prof Francesca Gains (Politics and policy@manchester) and Prof Kevin Ward (Geography and cities@manchester) an ESRC Impact Accelerator Award to establish a research hub, aiming to support the University’s impact work on Devo Manc and the Northern Powerhouse.  It will bring together work from across the University on ‘Devo Manc’ – the collective name for the different changes to governance arrangements for a number of public services in Greater Manchester.

What is Devo Manc?

Devo Manc will potentially bring far-reaching consequences for those living in Manchester and beyond, as part of what the current Chancellor hopes will generate a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ to counterbalance London and the South East.

The heading of Devo Manc covers several different sets of arrangements and policy areas, including:

  • a directly elected Mayor of Greater Manchester, with powers over transport, strategic planning, housing and police and crime
  • enhanced powers for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), over areas such business support, apprenticeships, and employment programmes
  • the creation of the GM Strategic Health and Social Care Partnership Board (GMHSPB) and GM Joint Commissioning Board (GMJB), seen as a major departure in the health and social care policy field

Other policy areas that are not part of formal devolution of powers are also being reconsidered in light of Devo Manc, such as culture, education and immigration.

Devo Manc Hub

The Hub will run for two years, until the end of March 2018, and will build upon research projects already underway across the University into the different aspects of devolution. These projects include cover areas such as business support, crime and policing, economic development and governance, health and social care, inclusive growth, and the arts and cultural industries.  It will form an important element to the Manchester Urban Institute which will be established on 1 August.

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