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November 2015

1% pay rise approved

(11 November 2015)

All staff will receive a 1% pay rise effective from 1 August 2015, following the conclusion of the national pay negotiations between the Universities and Colleges Employers Association and the Trade Unions. Staff will start to receive this increase from December 2015. Backpay will be calculated and paid in January 2016.

Staff in grade 1 will receive higher increases ranging from 1.2% up to 2.65% to ensure that the lowest points of the scale are equivalent to, or above, the Living Wage Campaign rate of £7.85 an hour.

The uplifted 51 point payscale and casual staff payscale are now available to view.

This increase will also apply to agency workers (who are paid on the 51 point payscale) from 2 November, and backpay will be due for any weeks worked after the 12 week qualifying period, between 1 August and 2 November.