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October 2015

Trench excavations outside Alliance MBS

(16 October 2015)

As part of the planning permission for the Alliance Manchester Business School refurbishment project, there is a requirement to determine the feasibility of installing tree pits along Booth Street West, outside Alliance MBS West and the Precinct.

This will mean digging some trenches across the footpath from the road kerb, to determine the location and depth of services running along the footpath. The trench will not extend all the way across the footpath, which will remain open at all times but will be temporarily restricted in some locations.

It is possible that the cycle stands may be taken out of commission for a limited period of time. There may also be some noise disruption associated with this work, but every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum.

Currently there are nine trenches to be excavated, and the intention is to undertake two trenches at a time and complete these before moving on to the next two, thereby minimising restrictions to the available footpath width.

These works will commence today (Monday 19 October) and should be completed by Friday 30 October.