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October 2016

Do you know someone who always goes the extra mile?

(4 October 2016)

If you know someone in Humanities Professional Support Services (PSS) (or someone in the Library, Museum, Gallery or at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre) who is always willing to put in that bit extra to get a job done, always provides an excellent service or goes out of their way to help someone or solve a problem, why not put them forward for a President’s Distinguished Achievement Award? 

As well as individuals, we’re also looking for teams based in the PSS, Library, Museum, Gallery or Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. 

If you would like to make a nomination we will need a statement from you explaining how the person or team:

  • has regularly shown they have a ‘can do attitude’;
  • is a team player/are team players;
  • is always willing to do that bit extra to help staff, students or visitors;
  • is flexible and respectful at all times. 

The criteria used by the judges to assess the case have been designed to reflect the PSS behaviours PSS Behaviours

You can also submit a nomination in the General category of the Distinguished Achievement Awards. 

The General category is to be used only when the other categories of awards are not appropriate. In such cases a member or staff, lay member of the Board of Governors or a student can be nominated. The General category is designed to recognised sustained and/or exceptional service to the University which is over and above what it normally expected of someone as part of their job, role or course.