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October 2016

Alliance MBS publish joint report on home care of the elderly

(6 October 2016)

A joint report launched last month at the Fairer Futures: Reshaping Care for Older People day symposium, argues that, with a social innovation approach, local authorities could provide better home care which benefited carers and cared.  

Published to coincide with the symposium, a collaboration between Alliance Manchester Business School’s Health Services Research Centre, the Fairness at Work Research Centre and the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research into Ageing, the report argues that having good intentions alone in adult care is not enough.  

Report co-author Karel Williams, Professor of Accounting and Political Economy at Alliance Manchester Business School says: “There is a painful gap between the policy makers’ rhetorical promise of choice, control and independence afforded by home care and the lived experience of the majority of the 600,000 old people who receive home care. This may keep people in their own homes and living independently, but it is not delivering consistently high-quality care.” 

Set out in three sections, the report analyses the root causes of this disappointment and explains how the sector has made uneven and inconsistent progress towards the worthy aims of policy, and concludes with a proposal of an alternative radical social innovation approach to the problem.