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October 2016

Post-Brexit advice sessions for international staff

(21 October 2016)

In recognition that the referendum decision for the UK to leave the European Union (EU) has caused considerable anxiety and uncertainty for many of our staff, the University has commissioned Simon Kenny, an immigration law expert from Eversheds Solicitors, to provide support and advice to international staff on issues associated with UK residency and citizenship. 

This support will take the form of a number of information sessions to be run during November. 

The University is extending support to all international staff, not just non-UK EEA (European Economic Area) staff. This is because some of the issues involved apply also to non-EEA colleagues, although the referendum outcome does not change their status or potential future status in the UK. Separate sessions are being run for non-UK EEA and non-EEA staff in recognition that there are differences in the position and status of these two groups. 

  • You can read the full story on StaffNet.