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October 2016

SALC and the University of Melbourne joint research projects

(27 October 2016)

The School of Arts, Languages and Cultures (SALC), and Faculty of Arts at The University of Melbourne are delighted to announce the successful applicants to their joint research fund for 2016/17. 

This research fund is an initiative to deepen and enhance research collaboration between the two universities, further supporting each institution’s focus on building global connections. 

Applications were independently ranked and a merit-based selection process was conducted to identify projects with considerable scope for meaning and future collaboration between the two universities.   

The successful projects funded by between both institutions are: 

 Culture and Communication

  1. Art, War and Humanitarian Disaster: Artists, Museums and Scholars Network: Dr Ana Carden-Coyne (SALC) and Professor Charles Green (SCC)
  2. Connecting Collections – Researching and Exhibiting Medieval and Early Modern Collections in Manchester and Melbourne: Dr Cordelia Warr (SALC) and Professor Anna Dunlop (SCC)
  3. Objects and Emotions: Rituals, Routines, Collections and Communities; Dr Sasha Handley (SALC) and Dr Stephanie Trigg (SCC) 

Language and Linguistics

  1. Censorship under Communism: Institutions and Agents in the Policing of Literacy Communications in the German Democratic Republic: Professor Stephen Parker (SALC); Dr Matthew Philpotts (SALC) ; Dr Cathy Gelbin (SALC) and Professor Alison Lewis (SOLL)
  2. Urban multilingualism in comparative perspective: Universities and creative institutions at work: Professor Yaron Matras (SALC) and Professor John Hajek (SOLL)
  3. Analysis of information packaging in small language corpora: Dr Ruth Singer(SOLL) and Professor Eva Schultze-Berndt (SALC)
  4. The Italian Renaissances in Melbourne and Manchester: digital tools for studying and teaching cultural heritage: Dr Malcolm Angelucci (SOLL); Dr Andrea Rizzi (SOLL); Professor Stephen Milner (SALC); Dr Guyda Armstrong (SALC) 

Historical and Philosophical Studies

  1. War, Refugees and Disaster- the Global History of Refugees Program: Professor Joy Damousi (SHAPS); Professor Peter Gatrell (SALC)
  2. Workshop on War and memory – in the Soviet Union: Dr Julie Fedor (SHAPS) and Dr Ewa Ochman (SALC)
  3. Cultural Institutions and Aging Populations: Dr Andrew Jamieson (SHAPS) and  Professor Debora Price (SALC)
  4. The experiences and heritage of children in wartime: Professor Kate Darian-Smith (SHAPS); Dr Carla Pascoe (SHAPS); Dr Ana Carden-Coyne (SALC)