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Recent news

SR in the Curriculum funding

(12 January 2017)

In support of the priority to encourage socially responsible graduates, Humanities provides funding to course leaders through the annual Social Responsibility in the Curriculum competition. The aim is for Humanities students to be encouraged to think how their enthusiasm for their subject can communicate, connect or be relevant beyond the immediate demands of their course. 

Over the coming months we will be featuring projects which have benefited from the competition. This week, we introduce you to a project by Dr Isabelle Doucet from the School of Environment, Education and Development. 

Isabelle’s project enhances the social responsibility and outreach aspects of the existing ‘Architectural Counter-Projects’ course, which is currently taught to M.Arch students through an intensive two-week workshop. The workshop enables students to research the social responsibility of architects historically, conceptually and contemporarily and understand the different ways of acting ethically and socially responsibly, when intervening in the built environment. 

The focus of the workshop is research-led education, with students then taking part in a wider research project which is then communicated to an external audience through invited critics and information hosted on the website. 

The funding gained through the Social Responsibility in the Curriculum competition means that an additional one-day seminar, ‘Counter-projects in Architecture: Resistance, Struggle, and Recuperation’, has been arranged for 2016-17. Four experts in the field will deliver lecture input to the workshop and also provide critical feedback to the students on their research projects, before their findings are communicated externally through publications, a website and public exhibition.