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SR in the Curriculum

(26 January 2017)

In support of the priority to encourage socially responsible graduates, Humanities provides funding to course leaders through the annual Social Responsibility in the Curriculum competition. The aim is for Humanities students to be encouraged to think how their enthusiasm for their subject can communicate, connect or be relevant beyond the immediate demands of their course. 

Over the coming months we will be featuring projects which have benefited from the competition. This week we introduce you to a project by Dr Nick Turnbull, designed for students on the Political Communication: Language and Power module in the School of Social Sciences, who will attend a public political meeting to record the proceedings. They will then analyse the debate and use this empirical research to assess the quality of the UK public sphere. The aim is for students to become adept at observing local politics to provide an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.

In the first year of the course students will have the opportunity to cover the campaign to elect the new Mayor for Greater Manchester, attending press conferences and other campaign events. 

The data collected will form part of an ongoing, student-led research project on public sphere debates in Manchester, undertaken by students on the course in future years. It is anticipated that this will lead to future published research on political communication in local governance. Students will gain skills in field research project management and research techniques, as well as develop an appreciation of the practical realities of democratic debate in contemporary society.