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Stellify update

(31 January 2017)

Stellify is a campaign resulting from a project run over the past few months bringing together employers, staff from across the University, and other relevant groups to answer the question: what is distinctive about graduates of The University of Manchester? 

The recruitment of students is ever more competitive. The University of Manchester and many similar institutions all describe ourselves using  phrases such as ‘world-leading’, ‘state-of-the-art facilities’, ‘international’, ‘outstanding student experience’. In a competitive landscape where universities are actively competing to recruit students, what qualities make a Manchester graduate stand out? 

The Stellify attributes

The project found that the characteristics of Manchester's most successful graduates are the ability to:

  • embrace learning without boundaries;
  • understand the issues that matter;
  • make a difference;
  • step up and lead;
  • look to the future.

We would like to encourage all Manchester students to do what they can to develop these attributes during their time with us. 

What happens next?

You will see a continuing ‘awareness-raising campaign’ about Stellify, aimed at both students and staff, but you will also start to see Stellify ‘attributes’ becoming ‘business as usual’. 

For example, a campaign last month encouraging students to stand for Exec Officer positions in the Students’ Union is encouraging students to ‘step up and lead’.

Key messages

There are four key points to understand about Stellify: 

  1. Stellify is a major, transformational undertaking for the University in the sphere of teaching and learning. Just as the Research Beacons are successfully refocusing perceptions of our research activity, so Stellify aims to create a distinctive identity for our students among employers, the public and other stakeholders by helping them to acquire a set of key attributes that will set them apart from other graduates.
  2. By taking part in Stellify, students who enter the University from September 2016 may also be able to earn a prestigious award – the Manchester Leadership Award.
  3. As a member of staff, you can play an important part in ‘stellifying’ our students by encouraging them to ‘do more’ and ‘be more’, by guiding them towards further information and by inspiring them with examples from your own experience.
  4. Almost all of the activities that are part of Stellify are not new, but this is the first time that the University has committed to grouping and marketing them together as a distinctive package. 

What do students need to do take part in Stellify?

Students don’t need to sign up to Stellify – just start doing activities they wish to participate in. All of the activities and opportunities in Stellify are recorded on the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). Students don’t ‘complete’ Stellify, but they can receive an award by completing the new Manchester Leadership Award (for which they need to do some mandatory activities). 

What should staff do?

You can encourage your students to find out more by going to the student-facing website