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SR in the Curriculum

(9 February 2017)

In support of the priority to encourage socially responsible graduates, Humanities provides funding to course leaders through the annual Social Responsibility in the Curriculum competition. The aim is for Humanities students to be encouraged to think how their enthusiasm for their subject can communicate, connect or be relevant beyond the immediate demands of their course. 

Over the coming months we will be featuring projects which have benefited from the competition. This week we introduce you to a project by Dr Noemi Sinkivics, Lecturer in International Business and Management at Alliance Manchester Business School. Noemi’s project aims to stimulate students to think beyond profit maximisation by searching for solutions where firms can be profitable while also benefitting society. The students will work with Molly Bishop from Make It Happen, a company that has supported the growth and ongoing sustainability of over 300 social/ethical businesses across many sectors. She will work closely with individual student groups as they address a social, environmental or ethical issue through a business plan or consulting report. 

Rob Harrison from the Ethical Consumer will deliver two guest lectures, on ethical supply chains, and how to develop ethical policies. Noemi will also work with Dr Bimal Arora, AMBS, on an interactive workshop to introduce students to different kinds of consumer-facing sustainability and labour standards. 

In Noemi’s experience, most students arrive with a very strong profit maximisation mind-set. Through participating in the guest lectures, and working with organisations that fully live these values, she hopes students will become future responsible business leaders who see beyond the profit motive and comprehend that we live in a complex and interconnected world.