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Postgraduate Law students take part in prestigious international moot

(2 March 2017)

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot is the largest mooting competition in the world, and the UK national rounds were held on 24 - 26 February at Gray’s Inn, London. Moots, or mock trails, involve two teams who try to persuade judges to support their case by demonstrating knowledge of case law, statutes and legal principles. 

The draw pitted Manchester’s students against the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh, London School of Economics (LSE), and Inner Temple. Our students thrived when at the podium, dealing succinctly with the many judicial interventions that were intended to test the extent of their knowledge and composure. Siran Mahama ably beat her counterpart respondent from Oxford, and Amelia Briggs, Imran Zaman Ali, and Isabella Kirwan all impressed with their confidence in delivery and their knowledge of sometimes obscure points of international law. They were assisted by the unparalleled research skills of Tomas Brealey and Valeriya Kitsina. 

Manchester won three rounds on the basis of written submissions and, in oral submissions, beat Edinburgh and came within a few points of Oxford, LSE, and Inner Temple. Manchester completed the Moot with three oralists in the top 20 mooters. The students were applauded for their ability, legal knowledge and determination. 

This unique, challenging and valuable experience was supported by the School of Law and the Manchester International Law Centre, whose postgraduate students provided valuable coaching.