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Do you work with schools and colleges?

(9 March 2017)

The Office for Fair Access’ (OFFA) most recent access agreement guidance asks institutions to set out how they will work with schools and colleges to raise attainment for those from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups. 

To help prepare our response, staff across the University, including Humanities, are being asked to let the Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Team know about any activity they deliver (either with learners, teachers or other beneficiaries) that aims to raise attainment or develop academic skills of school or college learners (e.g. literacy/numeracy). This relates to pre-university work only, not activity with current students. They welcome information about any activities, whether or not you currently have impact data or evaluation of these in place. 

If you are delivering work of this nature, please complete the following short survey to provide information about the activity, and who you are working with. Where you deliver more than one activity, please complete this survey for each relevant activity.  

  • You can take part in the survey here.   

The survey will remain open until the end of March, but you are encouraged to complete it as soon as possible to enable work to start on the strategy we will share with OFFA.