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Recent news

Increase in offensive junk email

(13 March 2017)

As you may be aware, several members of University staff have experienced a substantial increase in junk email over the past few weeks. Many of these emails have been extremely offensive and arriving in very large quantities. 

Currently, our staff and postgraduate research (PGR) email service blocks and filters out approximately half a million junk emails per day - compared to approximately 200,000 per day in September 2016 - and this rate is showing no signs of slowing down. 

IT Services is in the process of re-configuring the University’s junk mail detection technology, which is being ‘trained’ to recognise the new variety of messages it needs to block. Improvements will not happen overnight, but should be seen over the next few weeks as the system starts to detect newer messages. 

IT Services fully understands how serious, frustrating and deeply unpleasant it is to receive these types of messages and, aside from keeping the service running day to day, dealing with this will continue to be the email team’s highest priority until planned work is completed and the situation significantly improves.  

Thank you for your patience while this work continues.