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New two-step login process for all staff

(7 April 2017)

As highlighted in the Dean’s message this week, the way that you log in to your email will change in a couple of months and all staff will need to be prepared for this.

In the same way that you would protect your personal PC or your online banking from cyber threats, you should also be thinking about how safe your work computer is. IT Services is currently rolling out a programme of security activities to reduce this threat to our sensitive data, and one key development will be to improve security when logging in to University email accounts.

A new two-step login process (or ‘2 factor authentication’) will come into place in June 2017 for all staff logging into emails. IT Services will shortly launch a campaign to highlight the new process, which will be mandatory to all staff.

Once this comes into effect, to access your email you will have to enter your username and password as usual but will then be required to complete a second step where you will be asked to enter a code that will be sent to your mobile, or landline or security key fob if you do not use a mobile.

The all-staff launch will be preceded by a pilot process in April, in which IT colleagues and a number of volunteers from across the University, including two people from each of our Schools and from Faculty Office, will become early adopters of the two-step process. This will help iron out any issues before it is launched to all staff.

There will be many opportunities to find out more and ask questions about the new process including roadshows and briefings from IT Services, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions document. There will also be updates on the two-step process through the usual Faculty channels, such as Humanities eNews and CoreMunicate.