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Stellify – encouraging students to ‘do more, be more’

(7 April 2017)

Many of you will have heard the word ‘Stellify’ or may have seen the work taking place in University Place to transform the seating area with new Stellify branding. All of this is part of a campaign to encourage students to do more extra-curricular activities to create a distinctive identity for themselves so that they stand out among other graduates seeking employment.

Research among employers has shown that Manchester’s most successful graduates have five key characteristics. They:

1. Embrace learning without boundaries.
2. Understand the issues that matter.
3. Make a difference.
4. Step up and lead.
5. Look to the future.

These are characteristics that all students should strive for but they should also be seen as five points of action, and themes which students can highlight to better articulate what they do when speaking to prospective employers.

Anyone working with or advising students can take advantage of the Stellify materials, produced by the Directorate for the Student Experience, to develop a conversation with students about where they see themselves in the future and what they can do to meet their goals and have real world impact. The support materials could be particularly useful for Academic Advisors and Student Ambassadors, but also for those speaking to employers and external stakeholders about what makes our graduates distinctive.

The campaign also raises awareness of the types of activities that students could get involved in to meet the five themes/characteristics, such as volunteering, taking part in the Ethical Grand Challenges events, becoming a student rep, taking part in the Manchester Enterprise Challenge or the Manchester Global Challenge, undertaking work experience, or enrolling on the Manchester Leadership Programme.

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