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Have you been caught by the latest phishing email?

(13 April 2017)

This week another phishing email has been doing the rounds – one which contains an individual’s home address which, of course, is very concerning for those colleagues receiving it. You may also be aware that just last week an announcement was posted on StaffNet regarding a different kind of phishing email that was being seen in some University inboxes. 

Phishing emails are becoming more and more sophisticated and increasingly prevalent, at a rate that it is simply not possible to keep up with in terms of reporting. In the case of the latest scam containing home address details, these are likely to have been picked up from third party sites/organisations which colleagues have registered with using their University email address, often many years ago. 

While there are University IT systems in place to try and block malicious/junk emails, due to the ever-evolving nature of cyber-related attacks and the sophistication of technologies used by such criminals, it will never be possible to completely stop these from getting through. 

All colleagues should therefore be aware of how to spot and report these types of emails when they see them. The IT Services website gives information on: 

  • how to spot a phishing email, including a short online training course through BlackBoard;
  • how to report a phishing email to IT Services, so that it can then start to be blocked by our email systems.