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Update on the outcomes of ‘FinTech’ workshop

(5 May 2017)

Earlier this week the Faculty Business Engagement team led a University-wide workshop to identify our interests and research expertise in FinTech - the application of new technologies to financial services and transactions. FinTech is a fast-developing new sector combining innovative technology start-up companies and traditional financial services companies. 

Academics from Alliance Manchester Business School and the School of Social Sciences were joined by others from the Schools of Computer Science and Mathematics to identify our key research strengths and define our distinctive offer to support research and development of the FinTech sector. 

During the workshop the participants developed their understanding of the significant FinTech-related expertise held by academics within the Faculty, especially from AMBS, Law and SoSS, and how these complement technical activities in Computer Science and Maths. These include: 

  • cyber security, compliance and secure data management;
  • data privacy, authentication and transparency;
  • regulatory, market and social impacts of new technology on the financial sector. 

Rachel Kenyon, Business Engagement Officer for the Faculty of Humanities, said: “The city of Manchester has the second largest FinTech sector in the UK after London, and the University has more graduates working in the sector than any other UK HE institution (and ranked 45th internationally). The workshop really helped us to identify and develop our distinctive ‘offer’ in the FinTech field.

"We’re now planning a conference for later this year involving local FinTech companies and some major banks, and in 2018 we plan to host a larger business conference to coincide with academic conferences on campus as part of a possible 'FinTech Week'. In the meantime we’ll establish a web presence detailing research interests, specifically our distinct areas of expertise and how external organisations can get involved.”