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Recent news

Information Governance Office

(12 May 2017)

The University has recently combined two teams into one central team – the Information Governance Office – which offers advice and support on a wide range of Data Protection (DP), Information Governance (IG) and information security issues. Access to expert advice on DP, IG and risk and incident management is essential if you are, for example: a Principal Investigator who wishes to ensure the integrity of their research; someone who buys or manages software or data bases; or someone who deals with large amounts of staff, student, patient or subject data. The IG Office can also help you to review data protection clauses in contracts or sharing agreements with third party suppliers. 

The IG Office has assigned a designated IG Officer to each of the three Faculties; and we’re pleased to announce that Laurence King will be supporting the Faculty of Humanities and will deal with your enquiries. 

In addition, there is a network of IG Guardians who will keep you fully up-to-date with the latest initiatives and news. Please take time to check who represents your Unit: Plans are also in place to expand the existing network by adding additional IG Guardians and Coordinators. 

For more information on the work of the IG Office, and further details of the IG Guardian and Coordinator roles, please contact Laurence King on extension 62104 or via email at