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Researchers invited to volunteer for a study into research rankings

(22 June 2017)

The World 100 Reputation Network is recruiting academics to be interviewed for a study into research rankings.

The network is exploring how academics make judgements on which are the best universities. It is known that a number of the world rankings ask academics to nominate the best, but they do not ask how they came to these conclusions.

The University is a research member of the World 100 Reputation Network and will benefit from the full detailed findings of this study, which will also explore how employers make similar judgements.

The research comprises global quantitative surveys complemented by one-to-one in depth qualitative interviews and it is the latter you are being invited to participate in. The interviews will last approximately one hour, will be confidential and require no preparation. The Network is looking to speak with any researchers, irrespective of whether they have been surveyed by one of the rankings organisations in the past. 

Questions will explore what factors academics take into account, when they are considering the best universities in this country, Europe and around the world, and what sources of information they use to gather this evidence.

Interviews will take place on Monday, 3 July.