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Faculty staff survey results: next steps

(7 July 2017)

Staff survey results have been analysed at a University level, Faculty, School and Faculty Office levels and senior staff in each area are starting to develop action plans in response to the feedback. General staff feedback on the M2020 developments has also been considered as part of this process, as senior staff are mindful that the announcements came after the Staff Survey 2017.

The first step, at each level, has been to select the key areas for improvement from the Red Amber Green (RAG) reports. The University key themes are to be announced shortly and discussions are underway in Faculty Office and School teams to identify areas of good practice and key areas for improvement. 

Action plans are being developed at a Faculty level focusing on the following areas: 

  • physical environment; 
  • workload/work-life balance and stress; 
  • change management; 
  • communication; 
  • teaching staff valued; 
  • job security and access to training. 

There will be further consultation with staff in Humanities after the summer break, and the final Faculty action plan will be communicated to staff in early October before work starts on responding to the actions.