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Recent news

The Industrial Strategy Commission launches new report

(14 July 2017)

The Industrial Strategy Commission, a partnership between Policy@Manchester and The University of Sheffield, has this week launched its first major report on the industrial strategy.

As well as being involved in hosting the commission, many of our academics inputted into the report by responding to the open call for submissions and by attending evidence sessions, along with other UK and international stakeholders including businesses and business organisations from a range of sectors and industries, academics, think tanks and members of the public. 

The report, entitled ‘Laying the Foundations’, argues that across the private and public sector, and the political spectrum, there is strong support for a new ambitious strategy. The government must grasp the opportunity this consensus presents. The report outlines the serious weaknesses affecting the UK economy – and the significant opportunities. A new strategy will enable the public and private sector to work together to invest in the UK’s people, places and industries and achieve greater future prosperity.

The foundations include an independent institution to monitor policy outcomes and a focus on creating opportunities for growth in areas other than London and the south east of England.

But, the report warns that a new strategy will only be a success if it is embedded throughout the public sector and secures buy-in from the private sector, if it has sound foundations and offers a positive vision for the future.

The five members of the Industrial Strategy Commission are:

  • Dame Kate Barker (Chair), one of Britain’s foremost economists and a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee between 2001-2010
  • Dr Craig Berry, Deputy Director of the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) at the University of Sheffield
  • Professor Diane Coyle, Professor of Economics at The University of Manchester and Co-Director of Policy@Manchester
  • Professor Richard Jones, Professor of Physics at the University of Sheffield and a Council Member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • Professor Andrew Westwood, Associate Vice President for Public Affairs at the University of Manchester and Co-Director of Policy@Manchester

If you would like to respond to the report or add any further comments for consideration, as the Commission engages with ministers, MPs, officials in Whitehall and throughout the country and leading industry stakeholders before publishing its final report in October 2017, please contact