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Recent news

M2020: latest update

(14 July 2017)

Preferential access to vacancies

Staff at risk have been notified about preferential access to opportunities for vacant roles in the University, in accordance with agreed procedures. Preferential access to vacancies will be available for as long as staff remain ‘at risk’. This is one means by which the University is seeking to avoid compulsory redundancy. If anyone ‘at risk’ wishes to discuss potential opportunities they should contact a member of the HR Team.

Extension to Voluntary Severance Scheme in PSS areas 

As part of the collective consultation process and following feedback, the University has considered requests to lengthen the period of time the PSS Voluntary Severance Scheme is open for and will extend the scheme by two weeks to close at 5pm on Monday, 31 July 2017. Affected staff have been notified.  


The eighth consultation meeting took place on Wednesday, 5 July and covered Voluntary Severance, all PSS areas, FBMH, AMBS and SALC as well as Equality Impact Assessments. Over the weeks considerable progress has been made and agreed minutes from previous meetings are available on StaffNet.

The required reduction in the total number of posts has now decreased from 171 to 160 due to redeployment, resignation and retirement in some affected areas.

Failure to agree

During the consultation, the UCU has written to the University giving notice of a “failure to agree” in relation to the proposed reduction in posts. A subsequent email has been issued to UCU members, which contains a number of inaccuracies and some inconsistencies with the letter issued to the University. The University is currently preparing a response to the UCU.

Senate motion

At the meeting of Senate a motion was tabled which included calling for the Board to pause the progression of the proposals to reduce the number of posts in some parts of the University. This motion was rejected 35 votes to ten.

  • A response to the motion from the Senior Leadership Team presented to Senate can be accessed here.